Welcome to Kayak Jam

a website solely dedicated to the world’s most exhilarating water sport
(in our opinion, anyway)!
No matter what your level of interest
or skill, it’s where you’ll find all kinds
of good stuff – everything from
interesting tidbits and little-known facts
about the sport to the best spots in
your area to paddle.

If you’re just like us – at the first
sight of a beautiful day you tie down
the boat, pack a lunch, gather up
the camera, kids, dog and some
sunscreen – you’re going to love
Kayak Jam.
Maybe you’ll even be willing to share
your own kayaking experiences here
with us and all the other kayaking
enthusiasts out there.

And don’t miss our “Yakking” blog:
we’re constantly updating it with usefull
information and inspiring stories.

So take a look around and join the

happy paddling




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