Kayaking is Eco Friendly!


Kayaking has become a very popular summertime sport and, for some,
a winter wonderland. One of the reasons - seeing life from the waterline
is nature’s gift! 
Also, it can be enjoyed by one and all no matter whether you are a
seasoned pro or a recreational novice.

One of the best things about paddling is it does little or no harm
to the environment.
Kayaks don’t use fossil fuels or fill the atmosphere with pollutants.
Unlike its motor powered friends, kayaks don’t cause harm to fish or
other aquatic life.
In fact, paddling through the water stirs seaweed up to the surface making a great snack for the local fish.
Another plus – these crafts do not cause unnecessary waves or turbulence.
In short, in the beautiful world of water – the activity of kayaking does
not rock any environmental boat and may even be beneficial to aquatic
life.  Truly, a great day of paddling is safe for you, the environment,
and the local wild life.

We must all remember that rivers, streams, and oceans are not our homes
so when we join this natural arena we must respect it in every way.
That mean we should not dump anything in the water, and we should prevent expelling
human waste there too.
By bringing this respect to kayaking every time, we can guarantee that it will be an enjoyable
activity for all of us and keep the surroundings clean and safe .
(HINT: Even when you find someone else’s trash take that too for correct disposal.) 
So, pack your lunch but take your garbage with you! 
Keeping the environment clean and safe is our responsibility so we can paddle long into the future!

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