Kayaking In Tandem
by K.L. Amadio double kayak

Kayaking is an ever popular experience for adventure sports enthusiasts.
Previously, kayaking was a singles endeavor, one person per boat.
Now, pairs and even families can take advantage of tandem kayaks.
Together, you can travel gorgeous oceans, still fresh-water lakes,
roaring rapids or hidden tributaries in a tandem kayak.

A tandem kayak is also referred to as a double obviously because it
can accommodate two people. This style of kayak is perfect for
beginners that are reluctant about going it alone on the water.
Grab a buddy and travel together in a tandem kayak.

There aren't any regulations about who can be in a tandem kayak.
In fact, kayakers take children, parents, friends and even family pets in the tandem kayak.
One of the interesting things about a double is that the second passenger
doesn't have to raise a finger if they don't want to. Maybe your second passenger is too young,
too old or just not physically capable of paddling. That's alright because they can just sit and
enjoy the ride.

A tandem kayak is wider than the single standard single style.
This actually makes a tandem kayak more stable in the water giving your passenger a sense of security.

Kayaking in tandem is a great option for families. Depending on the age of your children,
very young kids can sit in an adult's lap or two children can ride between Mom and Dad
where they can enjoy the water and still stay under their watchful parent's eyes.

The most important question you need to ask before heading out is "Who is sitting where?"
To ensure a smooth and safe journey, seating arrangement must be considered.

Consider weight and size of everyone in the party and try to divvy up as evenly as possible per boat.
If the more experienced kayaker sits in the rear then he or she can properly direct the boat
since the person seated in back steers. Sometimes, even the weight of paddle will determine
seating arrangements; but remember that the greater weight should be kept to the rear seat.

Each pair of tandem boaters need to work together. If both partners are able to paddle,
the tandem kayak will make great speed through the water.
It's important to unify your strokes to avoid clashing the paddles which results in slowing
down the boat and is much less efficient.

Try kayaking in tandem with your family and keep in mind that teamwork is the main ingredient for success.

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