Try Kayak FishingFish

One of the most popular kayaking trends is kayak fishing.
A top benefit of kayak fishing is that you can fish
in areas where you would normally need an
expensive boat to access.
In fact, most kayaks can get places that even those
extra expensive boats cannot.
What many people don’t realize is that kayaks get you
to where the fish are!
Think of the Inuit, an Arctic People who first designed
kayaks for hunting and fishing long before the modern boating era.

If fishing as a pastime is appealing to you,
then going by kayak will be a sure way to enjoy the activity
without investing a lot of money in a boat.
For under $1,000, you can get a great fishing set up.
A Fully outfitted fishing set up can cost under $2,000.
Then, there is always the simple fishing pole!

All-in-all, this is an eco-friendly sport since you don’t use a motor… just think of the fuel savings!
You can potentially bring in larger catches with a kayak compared to conventional-style boating.
If you choose to do so, your kayak can be fitted with a variety of accessories and electronics
such as fish-finders, bait tanks, and holding tanks. You might even consider peddle kayaks so
you are hands free for fishing. In contrast to the large, expensive variety of boat,
kayaks are easier to store and maintain, also helping limit overhead while still allowing you
your fishing pleasure.

Now that you’re thinking of the fishing jaunt ahead, remember not to overload your kayak
with too much stuff.
A kayak sits just above the water, and the more weight you add, the greater the chance you may
flip or sink. Always be certain to follow the kayaks recommended operating weight each time
you are on the water fishing.

Remember to always wear a PFD (personal floatation device) when you’re on the water
(there are some designed just for fishing). Even if you are a skilled swimmer or paddler,
kayaks can tip in the excitement of reeling in that catch. Always be safety conscious.

There are lots of great equipment choices out there and even more bodies of water from which to choose.
So do your research, have fun, and be safe!

And don’t forget to share your pictures!


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