It’s almost time for another weekend of paddling on the water of your choice. 
You’ve got the great sunscreen (because you’ve been reading Kayak Jam’s Yakking). 
You’ve got plenty of water from the tap in Sigg bottles (oh that Yakking does come in handy!)
and now it’s time to think food.
Packing a No Waste Lunch is healthy eco-friendly and more economical than buying
kayak sunset prepared to-go food. The average disposable “brown bag” lunch creates
between 4–8 ounces of garbage every day.
That can add up to as much as 100 pounds per year!
Not only do prepared and processed foods contain excess packaging,
they are also up to 25% more expensive.
And with the alarming increase of childhood obesity and diabetes,
it’s more important than ever to teach healthy eating habits,
especially when bringing your own lunch can save you money too.
A No Waste Lunch differs from the conventional brown bag
by eliminating disposable paper and packaging.
Everything is packed in reusable containers, disposable paper is replaced
with cloth,
and disposable cutlery is replaced with reusables.

Easy Tips for a No Waste Lunch {reprinted from Nubius Organics}

Happy Paddling and Bon Apetit!
Kayak Jam

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