Paddling under that full moon.

Dusk is a stunning time to be on the water, so what could be better
than paddling by moonlight? Halloween.
Paddling in the moonlight is an enchanting experience but it's truly
kayak sunset magical around Halloween! The water is usually calm and glassy,
the sun sets and the spooks come out. And you never know what
creepy, spooky creature is lurking on the other side of that river
OK, maybe we're exaggerating just a bit.Kayaking at dusk and
into the moonlight is just another great way to relax and enjoy
your favorite body of water.
Everything looks different in an evening’s reflection.
We aren’t kidding when we say “Sea Life From The Water Line”.
The full moon this year is October 27, 2015.
Paddling on or around Halloween night adds to the sense
of adventure.
A Halloween paddle can be lots of fun. Many kayak clubs and shops
offer, not only awesome foliagetrips, but evening kayak trips as well.
Some clubs offer Halloween trips complete with costumes, marshmallow roasts,
and story telling, as well as spooky surprises along the way. What a great time
with the kids or paddling tandem with a friend!
If you plan your own trip remember safety in numbers and lights on your boats.
Cyalume glow sticks give off a great glow and add to the atmosphere.
And what could be better than yummy hot chocolate in the thermos?
Check out our favorite healthy recipe for delicious hot chocolate:

2 cups milk (you can substitute lowfat, skim, soy, or rice milk,if you wish
2 heaping tablespoons organic fair trade pure dark-chocolatecocoa powder, more or less to taste
Pure maple syrup, to taste (some of us prefer a sweeter cocoa)
1. Heat the milk in a saucepan and add cocoa powder,whisking to combine.
2. Add maple syrup to taste, stir again, pour into a large mug,and serve hot.
Makes 1 serving.


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