Dear Kayakers,
Is your sunscreen actually protecting you and your family like it promises?
kayaker with hatOf the 500 beach and sports sunscreens that recent studies analyzed, we can
safely say that many make false claims. 
Between the false sense of security from sunscreens with an SPF of 50 or higher,
and new data linking vitamin A to accelerated development of skin tumors
and lesions, most products don't live up to their hype.
In fact, research shows that wearing a hat and shirt in the sun should
be your first line of defense.
Then use a proven and recommended sunscreen.
Before you get that paddle into the water, check out your sunscreen’s ingredients.

                                        Those to Avoid Are:
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)
Added insect repellent

Those We at Kayak Jam like:
Titanium dioxide
Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX

Types of products We Don’t Like:
SPF above 50+

The Good Stuff:
Broad-spectrum protection
Water-resistant for beach, pool & exercise
SPF 30+ for beach & pool

And Always remember to wear clothes. Shirts and hats shield your skin from the sun’s UV rays –
and don’t coat your skin with goop. A Kayak Jam boat Shirt is a good start.

(A message for our male kayakers… Surveys show that 34 percent of men protect their skin in the sun,
compared to 78 percent of women. Start wearing that kayak Jam Kayak hat now to reduce
your cumulative lifetime exposure to damaging UV radiation.)

Happy Safe Paddling In The Sun


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