Show the world that you are an eco-conscious paddler
After a recent survey paddlers want to make a green choice:

Using a SIGG reusable bottle is a smart and simple way to reduce unnecessary waste and to
take better care of our planet. In 2008, Newsweek published a report measuring the
greenest countries in the world – and Switzerland ranked #1. At SIGG,
they manufacture to the highest Swiss standards whitewater kayakand are constantly on the lookout
for ways to further reduce the planet's carbon footprint.

SIGGs are extruded from a single piece of pure aluminum for seamless,
leak-proof durability. For over 100 years now, SIGG bottles have been
expertly manufactured by a dedicated Swiss workforce.
Many other reusable bottle brands outsource their manufacturing to Chinese suppliers.
By making their own bottles at their own factory in Frauenfeld Switzerland,
they can ensure the highest quality product standards as well as guarantee
that Siggs' operations are ethically and environmentally responsible.

Features two options - Classic mouth for drinking, wide mouth for ice cubes
Smart, stylish, safe alternative to polycarbonate plastic water bottles
100% BPA-free EcoCare liner Independently tested to be free of BADGE,
phthalates, and other harmful chemicals Taste-neutral and resistant to acids in
fruit juices & energy drinks with no scent transfer Lightweight, unbreakable
bottle Swiss-engineered from a single piece of aluminum. When replacing
disposable bottles, it pays for itself after 10-15 uses 1% for the Planet Member
All SIGG bottles use solvent-free, odorless and heavy metal-free paints for their bottles.

Check out the Kayak Jam Siggs water bottle and take it on all your paddling days...take it always!


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