Whitewater kayaking; Curious?white water kayak

Have you ever wondered if white water kayaking was for you?
If you’ve wondered “Can I do this?”
If you’re just a tiny bit curious
Then read on and see what it is all about!

Whitewater kayaking is the sport of paddling a kayak on
a moving body of water, a river.
It’s the sport for the extreme boater and allows each paddler to choose his or her own level of adventure.
Whitewater kayaking can range from gently moving water to a wild and crazy ride down a river.
Rivers are categorized by classes and range from class 1 (the easiest) to class 6,  (very difficult).

Class I is usually slowly moving water with little ripples. 
It’s usually easy to paddle and to keep your bearings. 
Although barely considered whitewater, it’s a great way to begin.

Class 2 is moving water providing some small degree of challenge;
perfect for a beginner to learn to maneuver and really get a feel for the sport.

Class 3 is fast moving water for folks with some skill.
It’s a lot of work but well worth the challenge of some serious adventure and exercise.

Class 4 is faster moving and harder to maneuver.  And don’t forget about rocks!
This is the place for well-seasoned and advanced paddlers. A great sense of balance and skill is required.

Class 5 is for the really advanced paddler who is able to maneuver
rushing water and the challenge of unpredictability.

Class 6 is for the suicidal!

Have you ever watched professional kayaking? 
It's an amazing upper-body and aerobic workout; toning your upper core with each paddle. 
Kayaking helps balance and demands focus adding the confidence that we all require for everyday life.
What a great way to clear your mind, build strength and stamina, meet new friends and get in shape.

Are you in? To get started, find a river and a school near you.
Learn to Eskimo roll, about kayaking equipment and above all else, practice in a nice safe pool.

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