Kayaking, A Green Sport?

Everything is going green!
But, those of us that are into kayaking know that we are already there.
whitewater kayak Whether you’re paddling white water down the river or
just taking it leisurely off the beach, paddlers are
keeping it eco-friendly.
We’re using man/woman power, a little sweat and
nature’s wonders for our recreation;
shunning the fossil fuels that are killing the fish.

And our boats? They too fill the bill.
With just a minimal amount of maintenance, kayaks can last for years.
Many of the ‘green” conscious kayak companies are making products
from 100% recycled plastics.
Some of us are enjoying the benefits of hand-crafted wood paddles and numerous companies
will even take back the yards of bubble-wrap in which new kayaks are delivered.

Whether you’re paddling alone, in a group, with your sweetie or with the kids,
the only thing we leave behind is the stress and tension of our everyday lives,
So…KEEP PADDLING and remember that
kayaking is a green sport and we’re doing our part for the next generation!


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