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In the 1860's champion Marksman John Macgregor turned to boating after
a railroad accident.
He designed and paddled a double ended boat of oak and cedar planking covered
in a rubberized canvas with an open cockpit in the center. It measured 15 feet in length and was
canoe/kayak designed to use a double bladed paddle. He named this boat Rob Roy after a Scottish outlaw of the same name. During the 1860s, he paddled throughout Europe, the Baltic and the Middle East.
This boat design is still being used today also called a canoe/kayak. Check this out!


Kayak Polo known as Canoe polo is played all over the world.
It's been played in many forms for over
water polo ball 100 years. International competitons began in 1994.

This game is fast moving and a combination of water polo
and basketball with 5 players per team,with each
player paddling a kayak,of course!
The 2010 Canoe Polo Championship will be held in Milan, Italy.


So what's up with stand up paddling?
In the early days canoe paddlers would stand up to paddle across shallow reefs to fish by spear.
stand up paddler Actual stand up paddle surfers (SUPS) surfaced in Waikiki in the early
1950s when tourists were looking to try the surfing with a Waikiki
beach boy.
These beach boys managed to teach surfing at the same time
as photographing their clients from their boards
using a paddle to maneuver the whole experience.
The tourists got great surfing pictures to show off to their friends and
the beach boys invented a new sport … beach boy surfing.
Now known as SUPS, stand up paddle surfing, has become a water sport
whereby surfers use a paddle to glide over the water while standing on a surfboard.

In modern times you don’t need a wave; any body of water will do.
Our lakes, rivers, harbors and oceans offer paddlers great vantage points
to see the sights and paddle, too. And…lets not forget about fresh air and great exercise.

Kayaking is one of the the fastest growing outdoor sports in
the US. Statistics show that in the mid-nineties when
kayaking was taking off as a outdoor activity, some 400,000 people were padddling.
These numbers have dramatically increased.
Now well over 2 million people are paddling and the numbers are still growing.

Sea kayakers make up neasea kayakrly 40 percent of the total people kayaking.

polonesian kayaking

Ocean kayaking was used mainly to travel and fish from
island to island.
It is said Polynesia is where ocean kayaking began.