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Playboating, also known as Freestyle or Rodeo,
whitewater kayakeris a more gymnastic and artistic kind of kayaking.
Playboaters often stay in one spot in the river where they work
against the the forces of the river to perform a variety of maneuvers.
These can include surfing, spinning, cartwheels, loops and a variety of flips and spins.

Freeboating is a branch of whitewater kayaking that combines
playboating and creeking.
Freeboating are usually done on rapids and waterfalls.
Professional kayaker Rush Sturges invented
the hail Mary which involves doing a front flip over a waterfall.


folding kayakKayaks in the Military
Being stealthy is an important part of military training and
kayaks are quiet and easily maneuverable;
the perfect stealth water transportation!

The Military began using kayaks during the Second World War.
Used mainly by British Commando and
Special Forces, the folding kayak later became a
regular part of their training and operations.


Pedal kayaks
A pedal kayak allows the kayaker to move thru the
water with underwater flippers attached to pedals in the cockpit, instead of a paddle.
This allows the paddler to be hands free for fishing or other activities.

sail kayak


In 2007 Hobie kayaks started a new trend, a breed of kayaks
you could not only paddle, but peddle and sail too!