Kayak polo is a fun team sport combining
elements of water polo, basketball,
and KAYAKING. Located in the NYC area.

nyc swim logo
NYC Swim organizes swimming events in
the waters around Manhattan.
Since 1993, NYC Swim has attracted well
over 10,000 participants in more than
125 swimming races, thus helping to
revive a local aquatic tradition,
Join them by being a KAYAK volunteer.


Join the Plastiki Voyage
and help save the Environment.

soly mar magazineSol y Mar Magazine is
the first and
only digital
publication in
the world that includes information about
tourism, fishing, waterfront properties and
maritime industry.
kaak condo by Talic

At TALIC we specalize in kayak
storage and canoe storage systems.
All Talic systems have been
designed, engineered,
and built by our team of kayakers, right here in our
Auburn, NY shop.

Our products are so diverse there's bound to be
a system that meets your needs.
Organize your garage, basement, or apartment
with a Talic Kayak Storage System.


20 years of making
life jackets means that
a generation has grown
up wearing MTI.
The PFDs that we first
designed to better fit
and float our children
still hang in the boat house are now used
by other children since ours are grown.
More adventures are still ahead for all
of us.
And paddle safe... please wear your PFD.
We hope that you will make it an MTI.

Kayak Online is a quick
and easy way to find info
on kayaking. Whether
you’re searching for
information on hardshell
and inflatable kayaks, kayak paddles,
kayaking gear, or where to go paddling.

Spruce Mountain Designs Handcrafted Fine Jewelry
kayak charms

A not-for-profit organization located in Western New York State that promotes canoeing, kayaking,
rowing and sculling on the unique waterways of
the Genesee Region.
croton on the hudson
Everything you need to know about places
to kayak on the hudson river waterways.
u.s. kayak team logoTeam USA Canoe/Kayak

nj kayak
New Jersey Kayak...
Adventure in your Own

hudson river watertrail ny water trail

Great Boating information
all around NY
including maps, a blog and
launch sites.